Robotics Hub, Technical University of Kosice



Digital Information Hub

The focus of our Robotics Hub is to bridge technology and business in the field of robotic systems, especially applications for Inspection & Maintenance tasks.

We serve to our clients with technology transfer, development of new robots, system design/simulation, prototyping, testing under relevant conditions, trainings and business plan development.
As part of a larger European network of Robotic Hubs we strive to co-create new productive solutions for actual challenges within our society.

It is all about collaboration. Matched collaboration between competence centres, inside and/or outside our University.
All together, a mixed package of services is offered to innovative startups, SME‘s and Mid-caps to enhance their competitiveness.

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About RIMA

The RIMA network consists of 13 European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) with a vast experience in the field of robotics. Our consortium is made up of Universities, Industry associations and research institutes.

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