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The “Robotics, Vision and Control” (GRVC) laboratory ( which has more than 75 researchers and engineers with strong expertise in robotics and particularly in aerial robotics. The GRVC researchers participated in 23 projects and contracts in 2018 all of them on aerial robotics, including 13 European H2020 and FP7 projects and one Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (started in November 2018). GRVC has a long tradition in the EU Framework Programmes leading or participating in 32 projects: 5 projects of the FP4, 4 of the FP5 (leading one), 4 of the FP6 (leading one), 8 of FP7 (leading three), 11 of H2020 calls, leading one and one Advanced Grant.

The GRVC director was the scientific and technicalcoordinator of the ARCAS and EC-SAFEMOBIL projects.The first one, it has contributed to developing aerial robots with arms that can be considered the first in the world. The other one, developed worldwide firsttechnologies in the landing of helicopters and fixedwing UAVs on mobile platforms and the safe multi- target tracking with multiple UAVs. In addition, from2015 GRVC coordinates the H2020 AEROARMS Research Project on aerial robots with multiple arms operating simultaneously for applications in oil and gas industries.

Furthermore, GRVC leads the DIH with the support of Andalusian Technological Corporation.

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About RIMA

The RIMA network consists of 13 European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) with a vast experience in the field of robotics. Our consortium is made up of Universities, Industry associations and research institutes.

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