Industry Challenge – Request for Proposal

Developing new robotic solutions for CUI inspection on non-magnetic piping systems

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) can cause significant operational, economic and safety challenges. There is a strong drive in the oil and gas industry to replace traditional CUI inspections with new robotic tools that can traverse piping racks and access susceptible areas to CUI. Quasset is managing and executing a multi-year program on behalf of several major oil & gas companies to improve detection and mitigation of CUI supported by robotic technologies.

In 2017 and 2018, technology trials were executed at the Quasset Test Facility (QTF) to assess the capabilities of robotics for the inspection of CUI on a pressure vessel. Promising results from these trials drove the formation of the 2019 CUI Robotic Inspection development program.

Quasset, on behalf of the project sponsors, is requesting proposals for an Industry Challenge, which focuses on demonstrable robotic solutions that can access susceptible locations for CUI on non-magnetic piping systems and can reduce the maintenance cost and safety risks associated with piping system maintenance. Shortlisted participants will receive funding to demonstrate their solution, with the winning solution provider will receive a reward of €25.000, and the opportunity to further their solution and its application through the next phases of the multi-year CUI development program.

More information and submission guidelines available here 


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