Robots face nuclear challenge in European project

Robotics and new technology faces a challenge that is very specific to the nuclear industry; how to be innovative in a highly regulated industry that must factor in a process of planning, building and running a nuclear plant over a time frame of as much as 100 years.

“You must find a balance between proposing something new on the one hand and having a standard tested technology on the other. It’s easy to build a robot. It is very difficult to license it for a nuclear project,” says Dan Serbanescu, an independent consultant on the RIMA projects.

The most interesting projects to be presented to the program have not focused on the core technology, full-scale testing of which is very costly, but rather on collateral issues such as control in highly radioactive areas during operation and decommissioning, Serbanescu says.

Read the full Nuclear Energy Insider article by following the link.

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