open call

RIMA will support the development and deployment of robotics I&M applications with grants for two types of eligible actions: Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs) and Technology Demonstrators (TD).

Technology Transfer Experiments (TTE) consist of developing, testing and validating the technical and economic viability of a robotic-based representative model or prototype system to be applied in ‘Target Use Domain’ operational environment. 

Technology Demonstrators (TD) consist of validating the technical and economic viability of a new or improved Robotic-based technology, product, process, service or solution in an ‘Target Use Domain’ operational environment, whether industrial or otherwise, involving where appropriate a larger scale prototype or demonstrator.

There are several good reasons why SMEs or slightly bigger companies should apply for this:

  • If you are a Technology Developer you have the opportunity to bring your innovative technology closer to market (from TRL 5 to 7).
  • If you are a provider of services or products in the field of Inspection and Maintenance for Infrastructures you have the opportunity to develop new products or services or to innovate the existing ones.
  • If you are a System Integrator you can enlarge your application field.
  • As a mini consortium you can receive financial support up to € 300K for innovative proposals.
  • You can find complementary companies among Technology Developers, Service/Product providers and System Integrators to develop your innovative business together.
  • The RIMA consortium will assist you free of charge during the execution of your experiment with Technical Services (consultancy, lab facilities etc), Business Services (organisation, finance, ethics legal etc.) and Mentoring Services to facilitate a smooth path to bring your innovation to market.

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