Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) represents a large economic activity – global market estimated at 450 Billion Euro – spanning across multiple sectors such as energy, water supply, transport, civil engineering and infrastructure.

Currently EU is a global leader in this rapidly growing field with more than half of all manufacturers of I&M robots based in Europe. EU hosts over 50% of I&M robotics offer but there is a bottleneck connecting it to the market and high potential applications.

RIMA (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance) is a 4-year project aiming to tackle this gap by establishing a network of 13 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and industry associations to support the uptake of robotics – and help small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to develop novel solutions for different industry sectors.


RIMA is funded by Horizon2020 initiative.


RIMA supports financially and technically 50 cross-border experiments involving European Small and Medium-sized enterprises through 2 Open Call rounds (2019 / 2020) with a total amount of 8.1M€.
Successful candidates will receive equity-free funding for Technology transfer and development in I&M robotic applications.


RIMA European network of organisations act as “one-stop shops” for SMEs who have a challenge deploying robotics in their industrial processes. Services include e.g. technology scouting, feasibility studies, project plans, identification of technological trends and innovation sprints.


RIMA network is consisted of 13 Digital innovation hubs that offer key acceleration services regionally for companies. These DIHs are linked to organizations involved in research and innovation activities, and they offer expertise in robotics, equipment and services applicable for I&M operations. RIMA network will also offer support to testing and technology transfer, coaching and training on robotics in I&M for companies.


The RIMA DIH provide skills and tools to implement the latest methods in knowledge transfer between academia and industry. The RIMA consortium recognizes that robotics I&M require that a new educational basis is set for increasing the awareness of end users in the relevant technologies. RIMA will include several activities in this direction to design and offer training services.