Best practises


These service categories aim to facilitate technological development in different sectors (e.g., industry sector, public sector) related to I&M robotics. The support may be given in different forms and with different rules which are affected by local or national regulations and culture. Generally, the DIHs provide support and infrastructure to carry out projects. Funding sources for the projects carried out by partners of a DIH ecosystem vary from project to project (e.g., joint industry projects, regional, national, European, international, etc.).

Strategic RDI

Contract Research

By strategic research, development, and innovation we mean long-term activities (with TRL for before-the-market).

Contract research, together with Strategic RDI are often the primary research service categories for a DIH and is of key importance to SMEs, larger companies and public entities to solve challenges and/or gain new knowledge not already available in the market.

Technical Support on Scale-up

Provision of Technology Infrastructure

This service category covers prototyping and small series production within I&M robotics. These can in many cases be seen in connection with the service categories contract research, testing and validation and provision of technology infrastructure.

The technology infrastructures generally encompass lab facilities, system platforms, office facilities or more generic equipment. The provision of technology infrastructure is key to the “test before invest” mantra of DIHs.

Testing and Validation

This service deals with the support to companies concerning certifications, product qualifications and product demonstration and is closely linked to the service on provision of technology infrastructure.

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