GRVC Robotics Lab of the University of Seville



Digital Information Hub

The main objective of the “Robotics Digital Innovation Hub”, leads  by GRVC Robotics Lab of the University of Seville, is to offer services that help to accelerate the development and application of robotic technologies in different sectors, integrating different actors into the value chain, such as research and technological development institutions, system integrators and end-users.

Resources from public and private institutions are integrated to accelerate the digitization of industry and services by the use of robotics technologies. The areas of application are: “Inspection and Maintenance”, “Production”, “Health”, and “Agriculture and Food”.

The Robotics Hub provides access to research results, experimental infrastructures, demonstrators and test pilots. Support is also provided for experiments and mentoring to increase the maturity of existing automation and robotics technologies. Outreach activities are also carried out, including the organization of specialized Workshops.

Staff training and advice on standards, regulations and sources of funding are also included as services in the DIH.

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About RIMA

The RIMA network consists of 13 European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) with a vast experience in the field of robotics. Our consortium is made up of Universities, Industry associations and research institutes.

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