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    Maarit Sandelin

    A global end user is looking to join a consortium in water infrastructure, oil&gas, Trasnport hubs and infrastrucutre and energy. Facilities in Belgium, Germany and France. Chemical companies with larger sites have a profound interest in other challenges as they have those services also on these site.
    Challenge 1: reduction of clean water loss
    Challenge 2: increase efficiency of water quality control
    Challenge 3: ensure water infrastructures are operational and safe
    Challenge 4: Robotics to isolate workers from risky inspection in confine facilities
    Energy Generation and Distribution
    Challenge 1: hydro power inspection and maintenance
    Challenge 2: electrical power distribution infrastructure I&M
    Transport Hubs
    Challenge 1: Perimeter infrastructure
    Challenge 2: waterways
    Challenge 3: Quay walls and locks
    Challenge 5: Vegetation
    Road, Rail and Civil Infrastructure
    Challenge 1: Increase efficiency in the I&M activities of civil infrastructure
    Challenge 2: Reduce risk for workers during I&M activities on civil infrastructures
    Challenge 3: Ensure that civil infrastructure is operational and safe
    Challenge 4: worker – machine on jobsite cooperation

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